An illustration showing many diverse, professional women.

Professional Women

Many of us, especially women in high responsibility, high profile careers shouldered huge demands over the past few years and are now left with a lot of unprocessed emotions and questions.

This is especially true of women in health care, mental health, education and leadership roles.

Perhaps you find yourself reassessing your work, your relationships, even your life’s purpose and have no one to discuss it with who won’t judge you or freak out.  For others, historical trauma has resurfaced, or mental health challenges have become worse during years of heightened stress.

Many have ended relationships or find themselves deeply lonely.

Lots of women at the pinnacles of their careers are considering leaving jobs that they have dedicated their entire lives to building.

Maybe you are fantasising about running away from your entire life.

Nothing is wrong with you – you are living through unprecedented stress with no road map.

Most of us know that therapy is useful for treating depression, anxiety, grief, trauma and numerous mental health challenges.

It can also be useful in figuring out what the hell has happened over the recent past.

The collective trauma we experienced during the pandemic have caused all of us to view the world in radically different ways.  Everything has changed even when it appears that nothing is really different.  This is disorienting and can make you feel like you are ‘losing it.’ Reconsidering what is truly important, calling into question old ways of doing things, being unsure of what comes next are all common after a sustained period of trauma – like we experienced over the past few years.

Working with me can help you redefine who you are and decide on new directions in life.  It can also lead to you remaining exactly where you are but just getting support from the massive demands you experience.

Targeted therapy can assist in working through huge decisions, deciding where to go next, or simply wanting to function at your best.  If your mental health is not where you want it to be, we can work together to ensure that you can start to optimise how you feel.  Perhaps there have already been large changes in family relationships or your work that need to be navigated and you would like some assistance in navigating these shifts.

My practice specializes in working with women in high responsibility, high pressure roles who now looking around at their lives and taking stock.  Sessions are remote so that you do not need to travel.

You should determine your next steps and not be defined by what you are told to be by your family, your colleagues, or your history.  Your smarts, drive and ambition have allowed you to get to where you are professionally and these same strengths can now be applied to decide what’s next for you.

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